Where Shall We Go?

The air is still on such a night
And as we walk all seems right
I see the sky fill up with snow
Tell me love, where shall we go?

Let's go, my love, where none else are:
Amongst softly falling flakes,
Our eyes now sparkling like the stars
As so breathlessly we traipse.....

That place, my love, of solitude
Will do us both so much good
For we will talk of what will be
As YOU and I change to WE

To WE amidst the falling snow
Our passions warding off chill
In solitude, just us, you know
How sweetly our songs we'll trill......

I feel no chill for I'm with you
And say - what else can I do?
But hold your hand and stroke your hair
For we shall now be a PAIR

A PAIR of lovers, warmly lit
....The passionate fire of love....
Never chilled in the deepest cold
Ever clinging....pair of doves!

Within their nest so soft and warm
Doves enjoy each others charm
They briefly peek out at the snow
There's nowhere that they must go

Snow softly falling, delicate....
Mutually charmed together,
Nowhere no more to roam, they stay
Warm, peeking, 'mongst soft feathers....


  • Cheeky Missy

    Alas. Why was it only a vain dream? One of these days here soon, I shall learn not to dream anymore....maybe.

  • Belinda AMeharry

    Absolutely beautiful!

  • SauravRHS

    Really a masterpiece! Great understanding between the two poets... Loved it!

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