Quietness of the Dunes

Today I walked

Along the dunes

My heart was very quiet

The sea my sole companion


I thought of you

Your smile, your kiss

How I longed for your love

How I long for you tonight


I saw a ship

So far away

Out on the horizon

Where sea surrenders to sky


In such a way

As lovers know

Within their longing hearts

That reason gives way to love


I found a shell

Upon the sand

Its beauty touched me so

A gift from the pounding surf


That scrubs this beach

With every tide

A cycle of cleansing

Of purposeful renewal


And as I turned

To leave the beach

I looked back at the bay

And in its shining surface


I saw your face

And felt your kiss

And knew your thoughts were here

Such is the strength of our love.


  • Cheeky Missy

    Excellent too, scamp! It is delightfully romantic....I could envision it so well, as you painted the picture with words. It is a sweet poem....I quite enjoyed it!

    • dbremner

      Thanks a lot Snowflake!

    • ironmaiden_81186

      i'm really drunk man...
      but its probably the best love poem i've ever read

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