Can forgiveness come in words?

Can the love and repel be one of the same?

Please set me free on this doubt

‘Cause I see none of that

Please set me free as you rise

Don’t indulge yourself with my crime

I wasn’t good enough, I know that

I hope that I could just ease that living

In not such a dreadful way

Even now I can hear them talking

Looking at the emptiness that’s left

I will close my eyes, ears and heart

As I hold inside

The venom of my existence

The ultimate wish is for you to be happy.


  • Cheeky Missy

    Your image seems so fitting/perfect....and it is an interesting consideration...."love and repel be one of the same""the more I love you, the less I be loved"? And forgiveness seems such a vital part in love...can it come in words? It is so much more than mere words.....and I for one so often need it...would that I might generously give it freely.

    • Dolphine29

      Thank you 🙂 !!! Well I have to admit the words just came so quickly I wasn't thinking just feeling. It's strange what you can see when you just... let yourself go.
      Best and hope you are doing good.

    • dbremner

      Really good this one. The second last line is very evocative, a really strong set of words for a short line. It fits well within a very good whole piece.

      • Dolphine29

        I just felt so down at that moment. But thanks 🙂 I thank thee for your words.

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