In need of something meaningful, something meaningful to call my own.

Instead of feeling so pitiful that I make my blood pressure rise.

You can see it in my eyes

You can hear it in my tone

It comes with no surprise if I sound depressed over the phone.

Need to talk to someone, who understands my problems.

Who will guide & assist my decisions

But who can I talk to, open up to without fear of judgement.

There is only one, God.

He always helps me in my time of need and through my trials & tribulations.


Am I worrying for no reason, do I see a clear future?

The problem is that I don’t, if nothing changes & I continue the same.

All I fear is misery & persecution, if I can’t make a choice, the right choices.

Ok, I know what I like but I feel bad for liking it.

What I like isn’t evil, it isn’t dangerous.

What I like can be seen as evil and dangerous if I’m reckless.


  • Cheeky Missy

    If you know anything about the Bible, you know that abstinence and the pure marriage bed is only acceptable and better than otherwise. The picture is very suggestive, making your point, and making me squirm.

  • Nexuscjt

    LOL. I know, but the current world doesn't make it any easier. It makes you feel like you have to do crtain things or feel a certain way. Its everywhere you look...people (pressure),schools, books, magazines, tv, film, music, internet etc. But I can say I'm a lot stronger now than when the poem was written. I think its about finding the right balance for you and maintaining a sense of control.

    • Cheeky Missy

      I am glad you are so nice about it.....I thought better of my saucy boldness, but it was too late to edit it by then. Thanks for explaining....I appreciate hearing your perspective on it all.

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