lezyl legaspi

Too afraid

I always come out laughing

Wearing a thousand masks on my face.

To hide the hurts I pretend

‘cause I’m too afraid to show the pain.


I used to laugh at my stupidity

Yet my tears are falling secretly.

I used to keep what I feel inside

‘cause I’m too afraid they won’t understand.


Some says that I have no doubts

But the me behind me is crying out.

They don’t know that the me they see

Is too afraid to show the real me.


I smile though I’m not alright

Just to console my broken heart.

I tried to close my eyes ‘cause I’m

Too afraid to know I wasn’t on the right track.


But now I’m already stranded

Don’t know where to go.

Too many people but no one could guess

That I’m too afraid to become someone else.


  • Cheeky Missy

    Wow. And you are not alone. It is what is required in the social world, where so much is affected and we cannot be ourselves lest we be trampled. It is so sad, but it is so real. La, home is practically the only place to be yourself, and sometimes not even there. Don't worry you sound like you show a successful face, when you are crumbling. And that's just how it goes in society. Excellent. You've expressed it very well.

    • lezyl legaspi

      Thanks!Maybe i just poured out all i feel when i wrote it. I don't really have any idea about what's the reality out there,though,sometimes i wonder how other people's lives goes.

    • lezyl legaspi

      i don't know how i made this poem.i just wrote it at times when nothing's alright in my life. at times when i'm totally broken and so alone. i just pour out all my thoughts and what i feel and there it is!

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