Cheeky Missy

Break My Heart?

I gave you the key to injure me, 
And if you use it, what can I think? 
But that, of course,....I gave you the key! 

And what of my heart that beat for you? 
I did acknowledge it could be fooled, 
And that my dashed dreams I well could rue.


And all the hours I wasted on us? 
Well, for the moment, it was such fun....
I will learn not to miss you so much.

For the great fool that it made of me? 
I did not enter UNwittingly....
What can I say, chagrined though I be? 

You taught me more about being in love, 
Which makes me now miss what almost was, 
....Perhaps that drawback's the greatest one.

If I disallow possibility, 
Harden my heart so you can't hurt me, 
I'll get nowhere, and have not a thing.



  • lezyl legaspi

    it was nice..maybe a couple of more thoughts would make it better..just suggesting..i hope it's just ok with you..

    • Cheeky Missy

      Oh, thanks very much...I do appreciate the suggestion, seriously, but I am still short of ideas what else to add, while sensing perhaps it falls short. Thanks again very much!

    • Dolphine29

      Hi; I like the idea that u have it's sad but also has like a changelling point and that is important. Maybe it will help just closing your eyes and thinking about him and well just write without thinking of rhimes. It's amazing all that u can come out with from within.
      Keep on!!! Best

      • Cheeky Missy

        Thank you very much! So, let me try to understand, think it does need more but, that I will come up with more by not forcing a rhyme on it? Thanks again for your comment!

        • Dolphine29

          Well yeah I do, but just as a suggestion.

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        • lezyl legaspi

          two thumbs up!!

          • Cheeky Missy

            Wow. Thanks VERY much!!!

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