lezyl legaspi

Dear friend

When life gets tough

And the world seems unfair.

When you feel like breakin’ down

And your smiles are turning into frowns.

Just close your eyes and know

‘till the end I’ll be with you.


When doubts fill your heart

And you just wanna give up.

When dreams are too far to reach

And when stars don’t even shine.

Just remember I am holdin' your hand.


When no one understands

And nobody cares.

When you can’t take the pain

And you can’t help the tears.

You can lean on my shoulder

We can cry together.


When people are mean

And things keep on falling.

Don’t worry ‘cause later

We can pick ‘em up again.

I’m gonna stick with you

Through thick and thin.


If these words weren’t enough

To make you hold on a bit longer.

Just turn around for you to see

I may not be the best but I’ll stay

To be a true friend the way

I understand what it means.





  • dbremner

    A very nice poem, I liked it a good deal.

  • Cheeky Missy

    Excellent! It is very sweet! I love this portrait of true friendship....it is so lovely and comforting! Beautiful!

  • Poeticmind17

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