Cheeky Missy

Grown Up?

Did age mean that I WAS grown-up? 
Or that I must BEHAVE as such? 
These feelings, I think, never leave....
Not even when you're ELDERLY!!! 

I'd hoped I'd just grow out of them; 
But women who might have more sense
Can act like girls and feel young too....
And even when they're EIGHTY-TWO! 

Now I know's sad to see...
These youthful lusts will NEVER leave! 
They ever must just be put off....
And if they're not, the youth do scoff!!! 

For foolishness must leave with age, 
And wisdom with the years be gained; 
And hoary head will glory be, 
If to the Lord's way you do cleave.



  • gerrylegister

    I agree with wisdom with age gained, beautiful!

  • boricuamami222

    so true every word. loved it.

    • Cheeky Missy

      Thanks very much....tough reality, isn't it?

      • boricuamami222

        sure is

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