-by MVB

She struggles to release the burden
Too heavy to be bourne´╗┐ by any
Too big, oppressing, suffocating
Too caging to allow life carry


Her soul bulldozed with no repentance
Her spirit crushed into abeyance
In constant strife her heart is thrown
An avalanche of pain purveyance

Her mind incarcerated daily
By words that mean to cut and blemish
Her will to live pushed to attrition
Desires robbed and forced to famish


She scuffles to relieve the pain
And hassles to discharge the aching
Her whole existence is in balance
Her heart is at the point of breaking


But hurt and pain is piled often
Her frail soul cannot succeed
Her body languid and dejected
To life goodbye will sadly bid.


  • Belinda AMeharry

    With God ALL things are possible...

    • Marius

      Thanks for your view Belinda, but I prefer to keep it real rather than delve into religions dogma if you don't mind. Ideals are nice but they're absolute and life is anything but absolute... it's mostly gray; not too much black and white.

    • Cheeky Missy

      Wow. You very well depicted the situation of many so delightfully poetically. And the crushing burden is indeed only too much to bear, fit to destroy the burdened, except they be delivered by Him Who is mighty to save...the Lord Himself, as Belinda alludes. Excellent!

    • Zojinjo

      You show a life in pain, carrying a burden too much for one to hold. It's a way many people feel in life, only now, it's a poem that we read and we can like. Very good work indeed.

      Only thing bothering me a bit is the title, for I believe "Impossible" doesn't exist. Everything is possible. Then again, so is failing...

      • Marius

        Thank you for reading this and taking the time to comment.

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