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  • StormyDay

    Oh my goodness, it's been so long! After graduation, things got really crazy, but it feels so good to be back! Feels like coming home. And you know, the people make the place. I missed all of you. I hope you're all still around so we can catch up. 🙂 I haven't been writing much, but I do have some new material. Will post again soon!

    • StormyDay

      I'm sorry I've been lacking of late, graduation creeps ever nearer.

      • Paullyna

        Happy birthday! 🙂

        • Emi

          Happy Birthday!!!! 🙂

          • SauravRHS

            Happy birthday!!

              • StormyDay

                Thanks so much! I feel loved.

                • SauravRHS


                • StormyDay

                  This has been the worst Valentine's Day ever. At least single, you don't expect anything, maybe a card from a friend, or a heart sucker. Boyfriend-boy didn't even show up to school, which is the one thing he could've done to ruin everything. I had it all planned out; a very nice card pouring out my heart in the morning, a Val-O-Gram at lunch (best of the choir sing a love song to recipient, must be payed for), and a special present after school. But no, he threw up this morning, the most important day (after wedding and first-met anniversaries) for couples of the whole year. Really, that's it: you threw up? Oh, and then he doesn't even tell me that little tidbit until lunch after a slew of text messages, worrying, and hanging out in a stall bawling like a baby. Another slew of text messages later response. The one person who was expected to show today, who is the most important person a no-show. Thanks a lot Daryn, I love you too. Way to let me down. Disappointment is a bitch.

                  • StormyDay

                    I know this is kind of off-the-wall (get it?), but I have a favor to ask. My Spanish teacher's mother just passed Thursday and if anyone would be so kind as to say a prayer for them both, well, I would appreciate it a lot.

                    • StormyDay

                      Wow, holy cow. I didn't think The Spider's Web would turn out to be such a favorite, but I'm so excited about it! Perhaps I might consider writing haikus more often.

                      • Julian Yanover

                        Welcome to Poems and Poetry!

                          • StormyDay

                            Thanks for the welcome party, lol. As the admin you must have your hands full, huh?

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