Cheeky Missy

I love to sail....

I love to sail upon the seas---
"High Seas" I'd call them, if you please! 
My "sail" unfurled and filled with breeze---
And Terra Firma 'neath my feet!! 

Although I lack the salty sprays, 
I love the rocking of the waves; 
And wrestling with my craft is play---
Except when gales come my way! 

I really hate to be "becalmed"----
That very word's an awful sound! 
My leaden "sail" drooped t'ward the ground, 
Damp thick and still the air about....

Send me a wind, no fitful breeze---
Something that actually moves the trees, 
That fills my "sail" nor does it tease, 
----Set me sailing again on my "High Seas"! 

Summer '05?


  • dbremner

    Really good poem, is it about kite flying?

    • Cheeky Missy

      Ah, thank you for venturing to Here's a hint: it is related to the poems from the past two usual, I categorize my compositions and try to post the "sets" (as they seem) together, as much as possible. Thanks again very much for your compliment AND for guessing! Then again, this is silly...for you, of all people, could handily know the answer without thinking.

      • dbremner

        Washing on the line?

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      • Alexandre Landsley

        Who wouldn't want to sail to the "High Seas?" After reading this everyone will want to.........great poem. :)

        • Cheeky Missy

          Aw, sweet! Thanks alot!!!

        • Belinda AMeharry

          Flying and exploring.
          great poem!

          • Cheeky Missy

            Hmmm. That's your guess? Thanks! I've been curious what all people could come up with, reading it. If it is your guess....nope. Thanks again!

          • gerrylegister

            flying or sailing, I love travelling

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