As Long as Forever

The last time I saw you

The snow had melted

The sun was high

And the air was warm


The last time I saw you

I smiled

At your smiling face

And we laughed


The last time I saw you

I was happy

Because you were

And we were together


The last time I saw you

Was not too long ago

Though it feels like years

And I miss you already


The next time I see you

I will still miss you

For I will never be with you

As long as forever



  • Cheeky Missy

    Alas...it is a bittersweet love poem, for the grief of the concluding stanza...though the speaker loves, the recipient does not reciprocate the same love, somewhat reminiscent of guy/girl friendships when only one "falls in love" and the other never does....the friendly love is there, but the other hurts for they long for so much more, but in vain. I enjoyed it, especially for the longing love you rather eloquently expressed. Excellent!

    • Emi

      Awww thanks for all of your really nice comments! 🙂

    • Anna

      Wow...... It's beautiful and it's sad at the same time...... It's brilliant....... 🙂

      • Emi

        Thanks again for your nice comments!!!!! 🙂

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