erin wynette


in the midst of my silence

the past rushed into my mind with unrelenting speed

pricking every point of my then senseless being

numbed by so much pain injected like anesthetic medicine


shame and doubt became an epidemic

invading my body, pARalyzed with lies and intrigues

i was confined to bed and I felt so minute

with my low self-esteem, i was put to comatose


when will i be freed from this unending trial?

it tortures my mind no matter how i deny

when will i see the sky, oh please tell me now?

when will i see the sun with no cloud that mars?


with my strength drained, how will i give up?

to pick up the pieces of my soul broken like glass

will i creep or crawl, but where will i go?

will you be there to help me so?


  • dbremner

    Good poem.

  • erin wynette


  • Cheeky Missy

    Well-written, excellently described.....and of course you're not alone in this tortured existence of the mind, the thing none can see that can twist and torture, destroy, make high.....only the Lord can deliver any of us, and give us the peace of God to rule in our hearts. You described the situation very well....we're not "friends," yet may I say, call on the Lord and seek His face?

    • erin wynette

      thanks for those inspiring i wish i've found this site last 2006-2007 ,that was when am still so sure ur words would have made me strong and helped me a lot.but thanks still!!keep on preaching the greatness of our GOd!!!.i am a born again christian, i bet you are too!!!.God bless!!!

      • Cheeky Missy

        Sweet....very glad you know the Lord too.....continue in His Word and may He strengthen you bring us with joy to see His face, as He promises in His Word. Glad we met.

      • erin wynette

        am glad to have met you too!!!serving the Lord is really the best!!!but sad to say, going to church is impossible for me now since am working in saudi arabia but as soon as i get home i would continue serving Him like i use to do....sing, teach children at sunday school,go to missions..whew!!miss those things!!!

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