Make Up Your Mind

You said you loved me

Every single night

A hug and a kiss

To top it off


Your arms

Were a warm shelter

When the rain or my tears

Soaked the ground


But you told me just now

You love me less

You no longer want me

And you walked away


I sank to my knees

Pavement cutting into my skin

Tears burning my eyes

Heart ripping apart


And soon after you return

Proclaiming your love recurring

Wrapping your arms around my middle

Murmuring into my tangled hair


But I don’t want your love

Or maybe I do

You’ve screwed me up too much

For me to tell


Please just make up your mind

So I can make up mine



  • Cheeky Missy

    Sounds like he doesn't really love you but is using you....yuck! How nasty! You excellently presented the miserable dilemma....if only the heart wasn't so readily influenced by that which does not love it....we'd be freer. Ending it in a couplet was effective. Beautifully done!

    • Emi

      Thank you so much!! Yeah, it's really quite frustrating... 🙁 It isn't happening to me right now, but it was quite recently.

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