erin wynette

my life

if you open the book of my past, you would definitely see
how a young girl suffered, once lost and empty
strived hard to find happiness, love and security
but failed so many times and ended up crying silently

life is never easy, the skies are cloudy and grey
my spirit is torn and all i can do is pray
i was so helpless and just waited for the day
the day of victory, hope there is still a way

i stumbled a hundred times but i never gave up
i wanted to succeed and make it to the top
Lord help me to pick up the pieces of my broken life
please always fill me with your undying love!...


  • Emi

    This is awesome! :) I love it.

  • erin wynette

    thank you!!!that's me...the real me!!!

  • erin wynette

    despite all my pains, i still believe that i would overcome all the trials that come my way!!!thanks to poetry!!!

  • Cheeky Missy

    "....thanks to poetry" If we can just get it out, written down, we do feel momentary relief, but only in the Lord you appear to call upon in the concluding lines of your last stanza will we find the ability to overcome....ever seek His face! I am sorry you've suffered so much and so early, glad you've not given up and thankfully seem to call on the Lord for deliverance...that's excellent since He is our only salvation. La, I hope my comments don't offend you....Your poem is very nicely written....great job!

    • erin wynette

      hi!!!yes you are right...poetry is just an outlet but prayer is still the most powerful weapon ,you are right....i sing, i write whenever am lonely but aside from that i pray...i've learned to surrender everything unto Him and He didn't leave ok now.thanks to HIm!!!
      thanks to u too!!!

      • Cheeky Missy

        I am very glad for that...may you ever continue in the Lord and be strengthened in His Word and strong in Him. May He grow you in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and bring you with joy to see His face in the end, as He promises in His Word.

      • erin wynette

        thanks so much!!!may God shower you more with his blessings!!!take care always!!

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