Why do we dream?

Why do people dream?

To see things better

Where do people come from?

The Gods made them

Where do the Gods live?

They live in every living thing

Why do the Gods let people die?

People don’t die; they go from one home to another.

Once people awoke to earth

She gave them a power to see everything

They could even see inside each other

But in time they forgot and only few remain

Today we can do this only in our dreams

So if we were dreaming together we could know

They gave this gift to very special people

The people who can see

But they can only use this sight in their dreams

Where there are no words

Why are there no words?

Because it is easier to see, without words

What do they see?

They see the world as it really wants to be

Like in dreams?

Yes, like in our true dreams


  • dbremner

    Well written. You often have a philisophical aspect to your poems which lends them real depth. This one has that but I've always been rather afraid of dreams/dreaming!

    • Dolphine29

      Thank you! I do have to admit that in this case this is an inspiration in part with something I found, so it's like a mixture of something I saw and my own words. So the credit is half mine; but still I appreciate that you like it and you find my way of seeing things with real depth.

    • Cheeky Missy

      Your image is very nicely fitting. As I am something of an incurable dreamer, I'm wondering which dreams you are referring to...the nighttime ones or the day? I believe from what the Bible says, our dreams are more often/typically only the fabrication of our wishes and only rarely were visions from God, long since ceased, seeing the Word of God is finished. This is a very interesting expose and fascinating.

      • Dolphine29

        Hi, and thank you. Well I mean all dreams no matter the source or time or path. What I want to express here is that you can see without words. I hope in time people can see beyond words.

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