erin wynette

hold tight

Have a nice day to the girl who reigns in my heart.
The girl in the future I will share my life
And my partner for my upcoming fights
Yes, you are .. bernadette, please hold me tight

This morning I was shocked
Those messages seems so rough
T'was really an annoying flash
To describe, I was dehumanized ..

But that's just an immediate response
And As I get my mind, I realized
Such things I've known should make me proud
That you are there no matter what ...

thank you sweetheart,
i love you more for that.
In return I'll do my part.
That in your heart, ill never depart.

What more can I ask for
Having you in my life is having it all
Worries are gone, problems are vanished
And by this moment, I want your kiss.

I can't wait to see you my lovely badet
In December, we will definitely meet
On that time you'll gonna witness
How this guy show you fulfillment.


  • erin wynette

    like any other relationship, ours also was put to test...some were happy, some were not and the worst thing is they tried to pull us apart...i wonder why some people are like that..can't they just support a person who is happy?.i really don't understand sometimes.but anyway, thanks God were still together till now!we remained true to each other and kept the love and trust and most of all, we're always asking for God's guidance!!

  • Cheeky Missy

    Made me sweet! I quite enjoyed his poem for you, his precious beloved. Sounds like he has an inkling of reality....enshrined in each other's hearts, holding tight, yet also likely to face some's a beautiful snapshot of his courtship and a tender one. As for folk trying to pull you apart, that is very miserable, and yet, if possible, be wise and try to hear what their contentions are (ya, I know you can't when you're in love)....perhaps they see more realistically and farther into the future than you two, perhaps not. And God's Word alone will give you guidance. Thanks again for sharing!

  • erin wynette

    tnx so much sissy!!!happy hearts day!!!

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