Little Black Shoe

Little black shoe

Old and just a little worn

Through the rain and storm

Memories I’ll never undo


Little black shoe

Displayed quite alluring

Seemingly assuring

All shiny and new


Little black shoe

I wore pleased and proud

My cold feet I did shroud

By the find I never did rue


Little black shoe

Worn at the first dance

At my very first chance

To dance with my love true


Little black shoe

So many memories of old

Lined in silver and gold

For a girl never shoeless



  • erin wynette

    little black shoe,
    may i borrow you
    so i would be lucky too
    like the one who owns you!!!

    cute poem!!

    • Emi

      Haha thanks. 🙂 I was in a happy mood when I wrote it and wanted to write something fun.

      • erin wynette

        it is!!!good job!

      • Cheeky Missy

        Delightful ode to that precious little black pair of shoes! Your author's comment was further helpful in enjoying it. But the apparent "luck" it seems to bring is a lie. This was indeed a fun little piece...you could have titled it even more enticingly and too truly something like "Ode to the Little Black Shoe". Very nicely written and cute....each of your five stanzas honoring it differently and making a beautiful tribute to a simple pair of "little black shoe[s]....I enjoyed it.

      • Anna

        Little back shoe, I wish I had you!
        Nice, and original poem!!

        • Emi

          Haha thanks 🙂 It's pretty different from what I'm used to writing about... xD

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