Cheeky Missy

U R the One Valentine....

"A Fortnight of Valentines"---my latest (crazy)whimsy....a collection of sappy sonnet (attempts), fraught with redundancy, and so hastily executed and crafted by imaginative fancy as to hopefully not be too repulsive to the reader.  And yes, fairly UNedited, presently.


Day fourteen....Happy Valentines Day!!!


(sonnet attempt # XXVII) 


When I awoke, whose eyes looked into mine, 
And woke me up thereby with just that look...
Expectant so endearingly, how could
The smile not o'erspread my face.....I am thine! 
What better way to start a day....You're mine! 
It's not a dream or story in a book...
You're just the one for very good! 
And gladly am I yours, dear Valentine! 
Alone no longer, you nor me...too sweet! 
Awaking,'re a dream come true! 
Where e'er our path shall wend we are complete, 
Together now forever...all we do.
What a way to start each day....our eyes meet: 
Remember...."You're the one"....and I love YOU!!! 




  • nair36

    Sniff... so beautiful. I need a tissue.

    • Cheeky Missy

      Aw, thanks, that's sweet of you!

    • erin wynette

      wow!!as in wow!!!

      • Cheeky Missy

        Thank you very much!!!

      • hollyrice

        To sweet

        • Cheeky Missy

          Thank you very much!

        • sarah


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