erin wynette


you should have asked 
how it feels inside 
to be left alone by the one you love 
for you to know how much i tried 
to stay the same when you're out of sight 

you should have seen, how much i cried 
how i acted, when we're far apart 
for you to understand and inculcate in your mind 
that it's not a game and that it breaks my heart 

you should have felt the way i feel 
when things go wrong and you're not here 
for you to think and always remember 
to keep in touch and stay forever 


  • Dolphine29

    Hi! Very nice and sad poem.
    Welcome to a place where you can be yourself and write it down.

  • erin wynette

    thanks so much dear!!!i know am not an expert but yeah here i can be i can express myself!!!God bless!

  • Cheeky Missy

    Aw, this is very sad, especially after your sweet poems of blooming romance and love....are things well with you two? I hope so. This is well-written, aptly expressing the sore sentiments of the broken-hearted. Hope it is not for real for you.

  • erin wynette

    sad to say, it is for me..but no it' a past tense so i should say, it WAS...i wrote this poem 8 or 9 years ago when i was still in college...i was sick and i was begging my bf (dunno where he is now) to stay but he went home, not in their boarding house which is just a 5-minute walk but to their house, almost 2 hours by bus...but anyway, past is past..what's important now is m ok and i have my erwin.he is far from me also coz he's working in korea and am in middle east but were fine.i can feel his love and care and thanks to ym and skype as well as fb, we are talking everyday!!!whew!!!this is my life sissy!...tnx

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