The Ent and the Squirrel


There once was a forest of beauty divine.

There lived a big, old Ent who yelled: “This forst is mine!”


A brave little squirrel, who lived there aswell,

walked up to the Ent: “Great Ent, why do you yell?”

Is this forest not made for all?

May none live beside you, even so humble and small?”


The Ent cracked a smile,

as he thought for a while.

Well little one, saying words true.

Sharing this forest, I simply can't do.”


The squirrel thought quick,

and replied in a flick:

So sharing, Great Ent, is that you can't do.

But giving away, is an option too.”


The Ent, you think would get mad.

Instead sat down, looking real sad.


The Squirrel went on,

and was nearly done.

But why is for you, no sharing allowed?

Being able to share, is what being friends is about!”


The Ent, ready to reply.

Shouted, with some tears and a cry:

But little one, you don't understand.

I cannot share, I don't have a friend!”


The squirrel gave it a frown.

While in the Ent's tears, he nearly did drown.

But Ent, what do you say?

You are alone, every day?

And live on this ground,

with no friend is around?”



The Ent, still crying a lot,

looked at the squirrel, who just hit the spot.

You're right little one, with every word.

But please say no more, because it does hurt.”


And with that said, the Ent turned away,

nothing more, did he have to say.


But now, the Squirrel was sad.

Hearing this story, filled his heart with regret.

Please Ent, I now understand.

But it'll be alright, all in the end.

Now Ent, let me assure.

That this pain, you no longer have to endure.”


The Ent looked back, showing a grin.

As he tried to keep his tears within.

But little one, so humble and small.

What can you do for it all?”


The Squirrel was thinking a lot.

Until T'was a plan, he finally got.

Well dear Ent, small may be true.

But I know something I can do.

Although I'm small, a friend I can be.

What about being friends, both you and me?”


And so ends my rhyme,

in a forest of beauty divine.

Where now T'was all fine,

As two friends shared it this time.



  • Cheeky Missy

    Aha! :You beat me to it! Excellente! I quite loved your squirrel poem!!!!! Delightful read! Beautiful and lovely.

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