Painted Dream

Running through the trees

In a silent painted dream

Drops of color flying by

Bright stars in the sky


Children playing in the breeze

The children so gently appease

The breeze so purple

So blue; so green


Dabs of white

Form carefree daisies

Blowing gently and freely

In the delicate reeds


Now I’m asking why

Oh why did I go?

Thrown back into a world

Of woe and reality


Now I’m searching

For a fragment

Of that painted dream



  • StormyDay

    Dreams are often the best inspiration for poetry. I loved the imagery! Keep it up.

    • Emi

      Thanks so much! I was telling my friends about it one day, and they told me to write a poem about it and even helped me a little with the wording. 🙂

      • StormyDay

        Very cool. Good friends.

      • Anna

        I love to dream! I`m always reluctant to wake up because most of the time my dreams are so peaceful.... but lost of times they`re wild, adventurous, crazy, and just plain silly! But still don`t wanna wake up from them!

        • Emi

          Yeah... And then when you wake up, most of the time you forget most of it. 🙁

          • Anna

            Yeah, I hate when that happens. But I usually wake up from REM (Rapid Eye Motion) and so I remember a lot of them, but over time I forget. (Unless they're seriously memorable!)

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