Cheeky Missy

The Squirrels We Lost

(sonnet attempt # XXXVI) 


You caught yours. I chased mine. But we both lost.
She bloodied you (but you were cruel to her) .
He raged at me and scared me off unhurt.
She playing in the trees, you then stones tossed; 
Mine on the ground I diligently stalked.
You brought her down to earth, thus your prisoner.
I subtly drew nigh, met his fear and ire: 
To keep them we reluctantly both balked.
Desire so irresistible began
This venture for the unobtainable; 
Impetuously against the odds we dared, 
And nearly got our goal each by our plan; 
To learn we can't have squirrels though we be bold: 
Subdued not by our means...were we unfair? 



  • Zojinjo

    Squirrels: The best creatures on earth!
    And you, taking time to make a poem about squirrels, well... /bow .

    • Cheeky Missy

      Thank you very much! That's kind of you....see, Marius has a tale about catching a squirrel as a child, and having read it, I was reminded of my own attempt as a, thinking to request him to put the cute incident of his into a poem.....the idea then came to do it myself...hence this!

    • SauravRHS

      Good theme. One seldom thinks of writing poetry on creatures like squirrels. I loved the way you explained the frivolous nature of the lovely creatures. I wish I could find some of them in India. I haven't seen one in all my life! :(

      • Cheeky Missy

        Wow....never seen a squirrel....marvelous! Yet doubtless you have native creatures that I have not seen either....squirrels are all too common here.....I just happily and briefly watched one yesterday, bounding about. Thanks for your comment....I suppose if someone had suggested to me that I write about squirrels, I would have been at a loss for ideas, but it chanced that I read a story reminding me of my own experience and a poem was born; otherwise the squirrels probably would still have no tribute from me.

        • SauravRHS

          Ya. They must be lovely creatures, aren't they? I will also write my tributes upon some of the creatures I like, your idea impressed me (and the squirrels) very much...! Keep writing!

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        • Marius

          Ah... I once loved a squirrel and I still do...

          The little animal in the said story wasn't the only entity I was writing about at the time, but I gather neither was the case with you.

          I'm without words. Thank you.

          • Cheeky Missy

            Aw, thank you VERY much!!! I gathered as much from the manner in which you told your story....I suppose, mine might be similar, though unbeknownst to me....if that is the case, and as I never caught it, am I doomed? Wow. that's an awful thought, I sure hope not. And I wish you might yet be successful, though now tenderly loving to your squirrel!

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