Acids taste sour,
And bases taste bitter,
But don’t try to taste,
Unless you want blisters.

Lactic acid is in curd
And acetic acid in vinegar
Oxalic acid is in spinach,
And citric acid  in citrus fruits.

Bases end with “Hydroxide”
Learn this side by side.
Potassium Hydroxide is in soap,
And Ammonium Hydroxide in window cleaner.

 When you add an indicator,
Acid or bases change colours,’
Litmus is the famous of them all,
Even turmeric and china rose

When we mix bases and acids,
They affect each other,
They neutralise each other
And don’t even bother.




  • Cheeky Missy

    Thank you very much for the lesson (again). I quite enjoyed it!!!! Delightfully presented, Professor Sudarshan!


    When we mix together
    We're always at fault
    Acids & Bases just
    Produce a nice salt
    NaOH and HCl
    do produce heat
    But a nice salt as well !
    NaCl adds savour
    To flavourless food
    Without it food's tasteless
    too bland and too crude.
    So next time we try
    To cut someone to size
    Let's be acids & bases
    and just NEUTRALISE

    Thanks for sharing - BRIAN

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