erin wynette

my love, my life, my everything

Everyday that passes by
my love for you goes deeper and deeper
that i could no longer find,
the clouds that marred my sky for so many years

Reasons may not be clear
and that we couldn't explain
how our story started
maybe it was magic?

With your chinky eyes
i was hooked, i was stunned
that whenever i stare at you
i couldn't help but smile!

I may not be that much expressive
but God knows how i love thee
your lips, your nose, your face, your whole body
i wanted so much to touch and kiss!

Never-ending, everlasting
endless love i'd offer
to you my papabear
whom i will love forever!


  • erin wynette

    thank you!..

  • Cheeky Missy

    Great title, beautiful depiction of your consuming, eager love, I quite enjoyed all except the fourth stanza...while it expresses your intense desire, it seems too erotic or explicit...if I may say so without offending. Bet he enjoyed it!

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