A little about me

Don't judge me because I'm 19 and..


I'm out in this world all alone...


No mother No Father to call my own.


Mother died at age nine..


Father died at age two.


So God please tell me what else is new.


I grew up taking care of me myself and I.


Only longing for a family..


Every seven days and every seven nights..


I'll pray and ask you every night..


I'll pray and ask you every seven days..


But that doesn't at all reveal the true sight.


of how all these years i had to fight..


to stand where i stand today.


No guidance,


No perseverance,


No You Can Do IT's !!!!


So today I can say is YES,


I MADE IT through 17 years of abuse!!


YES I MADE IT through 17 years of disappointments!!!


YES I MADE IT through 17 years of heart aches and pain!!


Yes I MADE THROUGH ALL these years with no mother no father!!


YES I MADE IT through 17 years to  see the ones you love die right before your eyes!!


YES I MADE IT through 16 years of foster care homes and orphanages!!




So don't judge me..


Before YOU get to KNOW ME!




And I will be the BEST person you will get to know..

So just do ME a favor and don't JUDGE ME!!


  • Peggi

    your life story have very tragic factor but you are very brave that you face all difficulties and now you come at this stage.I impressed to read your poem.Keep it on ,may god bless you.

    • Briana

      thank you peggi!!

    • Cheeky Missy

      Wow. You have indeed been given an awful childhood. People will always judge, unfortunately, but remember that the Lord alone made each of us and He is the Judge to justify or condemn, and the only deliverer who can save us. Your poem while excellently expressing your trials, also is a plea for friendship and love, for comfort, whilst standing as if in defiance of otherwise. Nicely written.

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