never together i know


i shuffle these emotions leaving me with a frail face

 out here its cold just as you , in the terrace

these clouds must be light they remind me of my eyes

it just rained i am waiting until it finally dries


the smell of melancholy clings from last mid winter breeze

luke warm eyes has sensation the rest of me does freeze

you ve always been the wind the aroma it brings

so i let you go this autumn as the westerlies rings


i accept u were a fluke an instantaneous one the keynote

gifted to make me get hold of fantacies as they quote

yet another gloomy day reminding that all i did was supersede

compassionate over a fortnight lover of many not easy to read


growing up three annuals to realize that is and isnt genuine

friendship between innocent girl; manipulative guy was the scene

you must have shared those stories to millions you fancy

collected sympathy confidence boost it wasnt just me


you must have a hundred princess in the flirt castle

each of your sweethearts mujst have left every spring fall

apolozies for the nagging i did must ve bothere you a lot

a darling best mate was just a funny tag stupid i forgot


go ahead baby put me out like the last stroke of cigar

take me in like a swig of rum dont be addicted so far

and i ll try putting out the candle wick at church

all dreams in vain away from you i ll lurch


breaking my habita  ika ma now lost in nowhere

i am swinging to and fro but not coming back i swear

and now perhaps you would need me around sometime

i ve locked up my heart it will never dance to your rhyme


its bruised no corner left perfect cut everywhere

em not coming back to your call there is no place for u here

and the meaningless sorry is what you want to use again

we will never be the same dont want to face the lie and pain


so keep it to yourself your secrets that now you rarely tell

i m out of fizziling out relation and alone i propel

stretching lips just to smile erasing your blurred image

you were a blunder yet this stupid love doesnt erase


as i see you so rude why did i ever start writing pleas?

fading echos, to these words, your senses seize

as i abandon what i ever lived for a volatile shadow

that chases me and i chase it back never together i know 




  • Author: sarah (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 2nd, 2011 03:00
  • Category: Love
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  • rajat mahaych

    you have got really good talent of creating such words
    i really enjoyed reading your rhyme and its amazing

  • Cheeky Missy

    Wow. Very expressive, excellent depiction of a used woman and broken-hearted love. Your imagery is great and the end-rhyming too; the story you wove is bitter, of a misused, abused, trampled love. Beautifully bittersweetly expressed!

  • sarah

    thankyou so much

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