What am I doing?

Have I finally lost the plot?

What do I see happening?

If this is the path I wanna go down

Am I really willing to throw everything away?

Simply blinded with lust?


Lust is a dangerous feeling

When you think you know what you want

But does it have meaning?

I can say fuck meaning, I’m happy simply fiening

This feeling never lasts

Just leaves you wanting more

Whether it’s meaning or a feeling

You are always searching for

My head hurts, it aches too much thinking

I read too much into things

Do I give it a meaning?


How can I casually talk to you?

When I really want to do more

Mind drifting to places

I see you naked on all fours

I think I’ll leave it there & say no more regarding the matter

Either take the risk or move on or end all this in disaster.


  • Dolphine29

    Just do what you feel is inside, but do it thinking what is best for both.
    I like it, it got me thinking as well.
    Good luck

    • Nexuscjt

      Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed it! Even greater result that it got you thinking. 🙂

    • Cheeky Missy

      Very fascinating! Interesting contemplation.....the very real struggle with depict it admirably. What is "fiening"? I really enjoyed this for how you take the reader down the path wrestling, within himself for/against lust, which only leads to death, when it is finished, according to the Word of God. Well-written, excellent!

      • Nexuscjt

        Thank you, very much appreciated! "Fiening" is another word or lusting.

        • Cheeky Missy

          Oh, thank you very much for telling me! Sweet. Makes such perfect sense!!

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