Cracked and Crumpled

I miss you so much

I cannot put it to words

Nor can I sketch it

To try either would be quite absurd


Though I suppose I should attempt

If I don’t I should go insane

I can’t stay bottled up like this

I cannot keep in the pain


You love me no more

Of this I am aware

Though I cannot say the same;

About you I still care


I watch you talk and smile with her

Before you share a kiss

I cannot help but wish and wish

That I instead could feel the bliss


Her beautiful pale face

And her stunning golden curls

Far outmatch the appearance

Of any other girl


But still I am sure

She does not care about you

The way I always will

Her “love” for you is quite untrue


I miss your arms around me

Strong yet gentle

Kind and welcoming

Always willing to be sentimental


I miss our late night conversations

In murmurs and undertones

Trying not to wake our parents

Carving our initials in stone


I miss your sweet voice

Always compassionate and kind

Never shouting or yelling

To hear it again... how I’ve pined!


Most of all I just miss you

Shining eyes and handsome face

Witty, smart, and bright

And your loving, wonderful embrace


But now my hopes for “us”

Have been cracked and crumpled up

And thrown in the trash can

Just as this poem has been




  • sarah

    aww...beautiful...the way you play with words ..the flow...awesome!

    • Emi

      Thank you so much!! 🙂

    • Cheeky Missy

      Excellent and so poignantly expressed! Beautifully done! You depicted it so very well, all the little details expressing the charming love and endearing experiences....delightful! Fantastic double usage in the title, poem and conclusion of cracked and crumpled... heart and paper...dreams, lover. Lovely!

    • Anna

      Oh man, oh man! I feel just the same! Although, my way is (again) not about love love. I`ve never felt love love, only with family and friends. And this is how I feel about a few friends that I miss dearly, and who have forgotten me 🙁
      Beautiful poem; I can`t put it into words.... 😮

      • Emi

        Awwww thanks. 🙂

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