Sometimes I’ll wait

Patiently under the autumn red leaves

Waiting for the first drop of rain

To dance in, to breathe in


Sometimes I’ll stop

In mid-stride on a path of dirt

To admire above me

The songs the jay beautifully asserts


Sometimes I’ll close my eyes

And instead feel the rhythm of life

The breeze gently blowing in my face

Letting go all of my strife


Sometimes I’ll get carried on the wind

High above the horrid cities

With the noisy cars and sirens

Towards the people below I hold much pity


Sometimes I’ll get lost by design

Just to explore something new and unseen

Take in all of the sights, sounds, smells

Lie down in the grass, fragrant and green


Sometimes I’ll become part of nature

Just so I will be the freest I can be

Let my soul fly through the open air

And just dream and dream



  • Cheeky Missy

    Hmm. Delightful use of "sometimes" with all the depictions of freedom and enjoyment of the natural world. I quite enjoyed the scenes you used to express this pleasure in nature. Very nicely written.

  • Dolphine29

    I know the exact feeling; like we could just melt inside life through the universe of nature around us and dwell in our dreams.
    I love it!!!!! Great Poem.

  • Anna

    You know? Drug addictions are really a big epidemic.... but there`s something even more addicting, and something that doesn`t kill you; Emis-poetry-addiction-epidemic :)

    • Emi

      Haha thanks. xD

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