My Secret

I have so much pain inside

It's difficult for me to hide

Anyone know what live is about

I just want to scream and shout

Going from one place than another

It's so much I'm starting to smother

I have had this sickness for all too long

And yet I have to pretend nothing is wrong

In my hand so many pills

I will take until my body heals

Go to work,no one knows what is going on

Sometimes I wonder if I truly belong

This is my secret I finally decided to tell

I guss when I pass on I will go to hell

We all have a price we must pay

To make it through anouther day

Please don't think I do this for me

My children deserve to be happy

I have done all the math

To me this is the only path


  • Cheeky Missy

    Wow. This is VERY sad. Very poignantly expressed as well. Left me wide-eyed and sorrowful. Oh, please, cry to the Lord God of the Bible for deliverance, seek His face evermore. O, may He have mercy on you and your little family and deliver you into His heavenly kingdom.

    • meigh

      thanks .this poem was about 11 years ago god promises the road but he don't promise it paved again thanks god bless

    • aliveinua

      Yeah.. life is a journey.. not a guided tour.. I understand you too well.. used to write like this... But still... there's always hope for a better life, right?:)

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