The night was quite dark

The stars concealed by clouds

The sweet song of the skylark

So oddly out of place


What’s going on?

What is that light shining from the sky?

Oh I certainly cannot wait until dawn…

Tonight I feel something quite odd


The wind blew wildly

The trees bended and twisted

Upon the ground their leaves piled

Rigid with frost and ice and death


What is that coming down to me?

An all-black figure with wings…

Flying ever so gracefully…

Oh how frightened I am!


The pouring rain turned to hail

The air grew much colder

The crisp wind began to horribly wail

The lightning flashed and the thunder boomed


He’s come closer now

For I can now tell he’s a he…

Perhaps he’s come closer than should be allowed

I can now see his blood-stained sickle


Then out through the wind came a shrill scream

The sound of death and the dying

The sound of hopelessness and lost dreams

As the thunder roared louder


He took me by my freezing neck

Stopping me in mid-scream

On the ground dropped a fleck

Of the blood dripping off his blade


And there was dead silence

The wind slow dyed down

The trees did not sway with such violence

And the lightning moved away


My eyelids grew heavy

I felt something cold move through

“Please, I’m not ready!”

And my soul poured out of my eyes

And it was carried up, up, up



  • Shyam

    very vivid.

    • Emi

      Awww thank you! :)

    • Cheeky Missy

      Marvelous! What an eerie, chilling, horrifying depiction of dying! Wow. Excellent!!! Awful, though for the frightening consideration. Well-written. This is one of your best pieces, seems to me and yet so horrifying. Bravo.

      • Emi

        Thank you lots!!!

      • Anna

        *Can`t speak, using emoticon to convey emotion -- (*o*)

        • Emi

          Haha thanks. :) This was one of my.... darker poems.

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