You lay on the gravel,

Like you always do,

Your shining eyes and golden fur,

Fluffy, like you always are.

But you're not breathing,

Your little tongue is hanging out,

I can't bear it, my buddy,

Why your ears don't twitch?


Brave mouse hunter,

You were the thinnest,

Lovely little fella,

You always ate the least,

Yet I saw you one day,

Catch a big rat with your teeny-weeny teeth.

My valiant mouser,

Thank you for your service,

Farewell my buddy .


  • Author: Shyam (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 18th, 2011 08:36
  • Comment from author about the poem: Our pet cat died this evening.
  • Category: Sad
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  • Lonelykaren

    This has dept in a way.
    I lost my bestest buddy too.
    She was always hiper and happy.
    she would wagg her tail everytime she saw me
    I miss her!!!
    Good poem its and ode..

    • Shyam

      Tanx for the '8'.

      Thank you!

    • Emi

      Awwww very sad... I'm very sorry about your cat. 🙁 I went away on a trip when I was little, and I came back and my dog whom I loved very much was gone... Turns out my dad had put her to sleep while I was gone, so I never got a chance to say goodbye... 🙁

      • Shyam

        Thank you.

      • Cheeky Missy

        This is excellent, I think! How very well and poignantly you've depicted the dear cat and your great grief in it's loss, by expressing the lack of realization as you stand staring at its lifeless body, talking in vain to nobody, for it is gone forever. Very well done! Beautiful! I am sorry you had to lose it. I recall when my cat died, we thought hit by a passing semi; I was very sad.

        • Shyam

          Thank you.

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