Cheeky Missy

(sonnet attempt #LIII) 


I've no time to manage more than myself, 
Nor reason to play someone else. This craze
Of alter-egos where each masquerades
As someone so unlike their own real self
Disturbs me, admittedly. I'd shelve
Them all, but hey! We're free. Let be. Nor raise
I now a war against such, see? Charades
Abound online 'tis true. So then I'll delve
The possibility for why: esteem
Far greater than our own wee selves we find
As someone else. The rose so sweet supreme
Reigns queen. The thistle as a weed opined, 
Reversing Juliet's line, did scheme: 
The throne her goal. What better alibi? 


  • Author: Chic George (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 20th, 2011 15:30
  • Comment from author about the poem: Perhaps all of us at one time or another have masqueraded as someone we are not. Like the time my laryngitis was so bad and my roommate was going on a date; I went to another friend's room and called my roommate, ...you guessed it! As if I was her date! I think I at least half-succeeded too. But somehow in the wild world of the web, I am more leery of folk masquerading. Maybe I am too hard on the imposters?
  • Category: Reflection
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  • Lifewellspoken

    This is a beautiful poem and it's wonderful to see such a beautiful person write it.

    • Cheeky Missy

      Thank you Monseigneur Humble! Wee me, appreciates your flattery, as usual!

    • Anna

      My gosh. That was an awesome poem! Your words are really clever, and how you wrote and organized it is super cool (*^*)

      • Cheeky Missy

        Thank you very much; I am glad you enjoyed it and appreciated your kind critique!

      • Alexandre Landsley

        not bad loved the way you end it it with a question

        • Cheeky Missy

          Thank you very much, I enjoyed and appreciated your comment!

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