Giving Up

Sometimes I can't

Even begin to look

My mind closes

And my eyes wont open


Tomorrow I will die

I died today

My heart broke years ago

Though I cant remember when


Time is irrelevant

It means nothing to me

It's just another object

Another pointless thing


I have no past

There is no future

And the present I waste

In writing this poem


I'm sorry that you

Have felt to read this

Its wasted your time

Time you cannot get back


I did not mean

To rob you of time

Yet it was you who chose

To read this poem


I've lost the fight

Against existence

I'm inwardly crushed

My hopes are pulverised


Yet for me there is

A chance - real hope

You can decide

To be different to me.


"Life begins on the other side of despair" Jean-Paul Sartre





  • Cheeky Missy

    If you were inclined you might classify it as reflection or else sad. A defeated, mournful cry, it yet grasps, gasping for life and fresh air as it finishes. Thought-provoking and rather poignant. A far cry from a year ago today?

    • dbremner

      You're right, quite different from last year! It's just a poem exploring the quote - I certainly didn't write it about myself. I'm glad to say!

      • Cheeky Missy

        Oh, I am thankful to know it is not about yourself! Excellent poem on the prompt then!
        I dunno why, but it somehow happens that it is not until I awake in the mornings that something I have done, written or posted the previous day that seemed so fine, suddenly strikes me as problematic. Hence with this comment I left to greet you. As I awoke this morning it suddenly returned to my consciousness and seemed rather unfriendly and possibly hurtful. I hope it was not at all, for I do not want to hurt you ever. It was fun what we two enjoyed briefly a year ago that sits likely forever as a poignant memory, a treasure which will keep you forever sweetly familiar to me, a gem tinged bittersweet..

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