For thousands of years the World was in harmony Flora and Fauna

In webs & in chains, Man looked at Nature chose to ignore her

Plaguing our beloved Planet  -  with hot acidic rains

Chopped down the forests disturbing the

Balance - Fossil fuel burning increase

CO2 - result global warming

Ice caps are melting 

sea levels rising

cities  drowning

 No me and you,

AIR  is  polluted

SEA is  polluted

Man  is  destroying

Our sweet home Planet Earth

Many ignore the cry to be  "Greener"

Some make it better  but what is it all worth?

By 2050 - increased population up to 10 billion nowhere

To live Venus & Mars are not fit for purpose - something must give 

Things getting harder and tough - please stop the Earth - I want to get OFF  ! !


Thanks for visiting - comments welcome - BRIAN 


  • ola89

    Refreshing... I like 😀


      Thanks OLA pleased you liked it - YOURS BRIAN

    • lysistrata

      I like the shape,but the content needs more stirring...
      But very interesting comments. Here is some Poe for inspiration, with his " Sonnet to Science":

      "Science! true daughter of Old Time thou art!
      Who alterest all things with thy peering eyes.
      Why preyest thou thus upon the poet's heart,
      Vulture, whose wings are dull realities?"

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        THANKS LYSIS - We can all learn from each other ! I agree it is a bit TEXTBOOK but I did try to make it rhyme which is often difficult with a "shape poem". The next Science Poem I write will be a bit more flamboyant a la POE - OK Yours BRIAN

      • DubbleDhee

        Great topic Brian! Love the hourglass format and the contrast between the polar bears up top and the people underneath. We definitely need to focus more on green energy. Fracking has become big in the US, but I'm afraid we will find out later (and maybe too late) what the environmental impact is. Thanks for sharing!

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          THANKS DD - Pleased you liked it. Fracking is a big issue in the UK but we have only had trial drills so far. Problem is the NIMBY's (not in my back yard) object to everything ! Nuclear - Wind - Oil - Gas etc. What amuses me in the UK is that the NIMBY's always drive 4 x 4's and have huge houses that consume electricity like water. They are all hypocrites. Yours BRIAN

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