A man with more melanin is still a man
Curly hair doesn't make me less human
Blood flows in each and every one of our veins
Black, White, Mixed... Doesn't make a difference

I feel what you feel
Hurt, love, pain when I get shot
Aren't you meant to provide me security?
Not murder me then right after scream "fuck"

I already struggle with your idea of equality
Fictional freedom yet institutionalized racism
Why then do your oppressors in uniform
Pump me with lead and leave me for dead?

I thought we were way passed our grievances
Back when Martin Luther Jr gave his "I have a dream" speech
But now I lay bleeding out on these streets
After being treated like an animal, reality hits.

I obey your laws but you disrespect my body
I attempt to show you my license but you prove you're right to kill me
I follow your orders which are directions to meet my ancestors
If I had known to live longer, I would have asked God to take away my color

Would this have happened if I looked more like you?
There's a black stigma of violence but I didn't pull the trigger, it was all you.
How many of my brothers and sisters have come to their end?
Just for the crime of being black and not able to blend

We believed your sweet words, chanting "All Lives Matter" but we're not fools!
So stop the murder! BLACK LIVES MATTER TOO!


  • Author: KCO III (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: July 8th, 2016 07:42
  • Category: Letter
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  • inink

    With all the things that have happened as of late I cant help but feel every word you say. Black lives matter just as all lives matter. However the most lethal killer of blacks are blacks them selves. I love everyone equally I don't see a reason to have a preference in color its stupid but lets be real when a black person is killed its all over the media, anyone else dies and it suppressed. I am still with you though especially with the most recent one.


    THANKS KAYCHEE ~ BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL ~ and in God's sight you are equally important and special as me ~ even though we are a different gender and a different colour. What happened in the USA is deplorable especially as it is over 50 years since MLK had a dream (1963) and eight years into Obama's presidency ! I agree BLACK LIVES DO MATTER and (thank GOD) there is much less racial tension in the UK than the USA and the Police don't carry a piece ! Every Blessing ~ Yours BRIAN

  • PerpetualFlowers

    I'm sorry that you are forced to still write poems such as this in 2016. It's deplorable that true equality is still not granted to all humans. I would like to speak on behalf of my race and apologize for all WE have put you through. I'm so sorry.

  • Tony36

    Right on, well said

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