W EEPING WILLOW ~ Oh why do you weep ?
E very branch drooping so bent and so steep
E very branch droops into the water ~ Do you
P ray for your Son or weep for your Daughter ?
I love you your shape as you weep in the water.
N obody know the sorrow you bear~ as
G ently your branches droop down to the Earth
W illow I feel the grief in your heart
I know that each Spring you will make a new start
L ooking so lovely ~ all other trees jealous
L ord of the Forest ~ so proud and so zealous
O f all the trees in the forest youre blessed ~ Sweet
W EEPING WILLOW ~ you are by far the BEST !

M ighty Oak so tall and strong,
I gnte the sky with leaves of
G olds and reds, when Autumn calls.
H ome of squirrels,
T ower for birds
Y ielder of food for the furry
O pulant in your summer green crown, glorious
A nd majestic as you stretch to
K iss the sky.

S o pink,
A nd pretty,
K eeping flowers,
U nder your leaves,
R aising up, like the sun,
A s fragrant as perfume,
T rying to hold the weight of the world,
R eaching up to the heavens above,
E vening, the flowers close up,
E ven though they'll just repeat their cycle again tomorrow.

Gazing upon a star,
That never travels far,
Through the solemn ashes,
Of destiny's flashes,
But even in misery,
We cherish the memory,
Of planting the tree,
That can set us free,
For life is prudent,
And never truant,
As we are the light,
That always shines bright!

A PPLE TREE ~ sweet Apple Tree
P leasures that you bring to me
P lump apple pies for me to eat
L ovely crunchy apples so so sweet
E ven in Spring your blossoms neat
T ree so lovely in every season
R obust in Autumn leaves the reason
E very leaf a different Autumn shade
E ach Apple Tree surely in Heavens made !

A tree welcomes my entrance.
I don’t know its name,
It doesn’t know its name.
We are connected in several ways.
I hug it and it hugs me in return.
It waves to me hello when I arrive,
It waves to me "see you soon" when I go.


Albizia Julibrissin the pink silk Persian tree
in the US it's the Mimosa kalkora what a lovely sight to see

P OPLARS in France leave me in a trance
O rderly borderly standing in rows - But a
P OPLAR in England - wherever it grows is
L anky and manky and lacking finesse not
A s refined as the French ones I guess ? It
R eally seems so strange to me that French
S ophistication ~ could so REFINE A TREE !

Outstanding hard wood
Amazing to see
King of the Hard woods

  • Authors: BRIANSODES (Pseudonym), Dandylion, F., mhpoet, , willyweed, Tony36
  • Visible: All lines
  • Finished: August 5th, 2016 18:01
  • Limit: 10 stanzas
  • Invited: Friends (users on his/her list of friends can participate)
  • Comment from author about the poem: I love all trees ~ but nothing matches the Weeping Willow for her shape and pathos ! Please add a poem about your favourite Tree. Love BRIAN XOX
  • Category: Nature
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    Thanks to everyone who added a poem. Ten lovely poems about TREES ~ awesome. I love FUSION POEMS ~ Thanks again ~ LOVE BRIAN XOX

    • mhpoet

      No problems...had a great time sharing and seeing everyone's amazing talent! Thanks!

    • Dandylion

      this was fun!

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        Thanks DANDYLION ~ Fusion poems are great and we should encourage all our Fusion Poets by adding a verse ! Yours BRIAN

      • Shahla Latifi

        Palm trees, the free umbrellas of nature
        A wave of peace to remember
        Layered with freedom
        Miraculously, a sense of liberty binds the spirit of a palm tree and I together

        Shahla Latifi

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          Thanks SHAHLA ~ nice one ~ sorry we have run out of STANZAS ! I have another one running on FAVORITE FLOWERS if you would like to add a verse ~ Yours BRIAN (Click ongoing if you want to see it !)

          • Shahla Latifi

            I will. Thank you.

          • ReloadTheWorld

            Dang,i missed out.
            Sorry,im not on this sit that much

            • BRIAN & ANGELA

              THANKS DS ~ Next time I post one I will let you know and you can get a STANZA in ! Yours BRIAN

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