A sunflower or a violet

which will it be today

happiness as far as the sky can reach

or darkness covering the day

when i find what i am searching for

no longer will I be in between

these thoughts can be dark but my God can they gleam.




    WELCOME DAWN ~Thanks for a thoughtful first poem well penned and busting with rhythm. As to the Subject LIMBO ~ caught between Heaven & Hell ! We never know what a day my bring or where will end up ~ shining Sunflower or shrinking Violet ~and as you say even our darkest thought can (eventually) gleam. Thanks for sharing # BRIAN

    • dawnmoonchild

      Thank you! I appreciate your thoughts!

    • willyweed

      good poem dawn! welcome ww

    • nic

      your an awesome poet, hoping for more.

    • scorchedwings

      Lovely to read x

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