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The wall of nic4

  • nic

    Been working, have a deadline, and I have to fix broken code from out code-monkeys in India ... may be a few days until I can post again.

    • nic

      Okay posting 'personal' now...

      • nic

        So I think the next piece I will put out there will be one called 'personal' that will be 18+ it's kinda raw and so I hope it's well received, but I fear it may be too much for some readers but for those who can stomach it, you'll learn a lot about me... I'm thinking it wil be categorized as 'letter'. idk, I'm really struggling to understand what my style/genre/category or whatever my writings are. Anyways people have been saying they hope for more, so this is an announcement of my intentions to keep posting until the flow stops anyways.

          • nic

            So I've decided to save this piece for another day, and instead I favored posting a work I've entitled 'curious'. It's a bit more light hearted and that's more apropos for me in this moment.

          • Julian Yanover

            Welcome to My poetic side!

              • nic

                Thank you, it seems fun and relieving.
                (I know I'm replying to an automated message, it's okay)

                • Julian Yanover

                  Yes, it's automated, but I do read replies 🙂 Hope you enjoy it!

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