CATS are furry ~ Cats are fun
Meet you ~ greet you when the day is done
Never bark all night ~ like Dogs
Never croak baroque ~ like Frogs
Never repeat the things they've heard
Like Parrots or a Minah Bird !
Cats will never tell you porkies
In the rain don't whine for walkies
Wash themselves clean and pristine
When you have friends don't cause a scene !
Egyptians treated Cats as Gods
Buried them in golden pods.
Black or white or grey or tabbies
Love them pamper them like babbies
Feerd them on the chicest fish
Slightly warmed on a silver dish
Give them a room with toys to play
And they'll stay happy all the day
Have a garden with trees to climb
Ash and oak and elm and pine.
Never worry about your cat
Where he is or what he's at
They live in nooks and crannies ~ niches
They love to propogate their species !
And with love we all are smitten
When we hold ababy KITTEN
get a Cat ~~ he'll make your day

He slowly approaches his prey
ears perked
Eyes focussed
The time is now
He has chased it throughout
The wood
Four feet pounding
Heart racing
The wolf knows he has won
The prey has fallen
The wolf moves in

If you would like to get
A Big Snake for a pet
Then please consult your vet
Cos snakes are crazy ......!
Cobras will poison you
They look harmless in Zoo
Anancondas squeeze you too
But some are lazy
Adders they are poisonous
Grass snakes will cause no fuss
My friends python is called GUS
She does a cool stage show
Gus coils around her lovely bod
She always treats him like a God
A sixteen foot long lightning rod
Gus reaches places where I cant go !
Youll always find exotic pets .... are
Not recommended by the local VETS !

My name is cat daddy
I’m an old tomcat
I’m a tiger with the ladies
And they like it like that
Others say I’m shady
Lazy and fat
But I do ok
For an old tomcat
I take my meals
Where ever I can
From the nice old ladies
Or the garbage cans
I like a nice fish
Or a juicy rat
Yes I do ok
For an old tomcat
I like to sleep in the daylight
When the sun is strong
And prowl around the alleys
All night long
Looking for the kitties
And it’s a fact
That I do ok
For an old tomcat

How could I possibly have a favorite animal,
when they're all so amazing, why it's irrational.
I do adore the swans with graceful necks,
but I don't put them above the rest.
The butterflies make me smile widely,
they are quite lively.
Wolves with smokey fur are beautiful and wild,
they're quite amazing, and proud, not mild.
But I'm also partial to pretty little mice,
tiny, smart, and loving to suffice.
Foxes truly astound me, so clever and cunning,
I've always thought they're quite stunning.
I love otters, they're my goal in life.
Always so happy and playful, never in strife.
Dolphins are beautiful and cheery as well,
I never get tired watching them surf a swell.
So you see, I could never pick a favorite anyway,
I love them all so much, it's too hard to say.

  • Authors: BRIANSODES (Pseudonym), Tony36, willyweed, Izzi Lynn
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  • Finished: August 11th, 2016 12:42
  • Limit: 6 stanzas
  • Invited: Friends (users on his/her list of friends can participate)
  • Comment from author about the poem: I can only post one picture at a time ! I will change it to suit the poems. It started off with a blue point Persian Kitten i is corrently a picture of ADRIANNA with GUS her YELLOW PYTHON ~ dont miss it ~ Love to all ~ BRIAN XOX
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  • avigail

    here :
    So many animals in the kingdom of earth
    Large, small, in water, earth, and air.
    They were tested in Creator’s lab
    for their best character to add,
    to a new, creature yet to be born:
    Man oh Man.
    No he doesn’t have a horn, yet, his morals should be scorned.
    Some would cynically ask: “really, the best? So many bugs. Don’t make me laugh.
    Better learn some manners from a giraffe.

  • Tropicana

    Anyone else who really want to take part but feels their stanza would ruin it, lol!


      THANKS TROPICANA ~ Pleased you liked it ~ will contact you when i start my next one ~ OK ~ YOURS ~ BRIAN

    • ReloadTheWorld

      I lack the skill for this

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        THANKS DS ~ Your contribution does not need to be mega ! A Haiku (hree lines 5 7 5 syllables) would be OK ~ Yours BRIAN

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