Dear Daughter


Dear daughter, we may never meet. 

For you see I fear im doomed to repeat.

The mistakes of my own mother who just cant see.

That she is slowly killing me.

Im numb to the blade and quick on my feet.

I succeed but her expectations, ill never meet.

Dear daughter, I fear we may never meet. 

For though I see the horrid hypocrisy,

Of she who keeps me on my knees. 

She once cried tears of the same insult she places upon me. 

My mother, the great and almighty who claims I am my own enemy,

 My best efforts are lies, and that i am nothing but the sins in me.

Its not at transparent as most would claim.

If she were ice id be a flame. 

Our views are nothing of the same, 

And I wonder is it she or I that is insane?

Dear daughter, I fear we may never meet.

For this cycle of hatred I cannot tell,

If it is she or I who lives in hell. 

I never wish upon another soul,

This numbness and pain, its out of control.

I fear I may be like her you see,

Even though its last thing id wish to be.

But if she cannot see, 

whose to say that i can, me?

Dear daughter im sorry we may never meet.

Just in case, im doomed to repeat.


  • Author: Distraught (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: August 20th, 2016 19:14
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  • Akamykowski

    If your mother is like you, she must be very beautiful. This poem hit very close to home as my mother and I rarely see eye to eye. I question my own morals and I try very hard to be a good person, despite my sometimes troubling thoughts. Now a bit older, I bring myself to be her equal. I'm honest with my feelings and I don't hesitate any longer when it comes to my beliefs. She criticizes me, questions my morality, tries to justify her own behavior in spite of mine. The more you learn about yourself, the more you'll start to understand about her so don't lose hope! Don't stop writing please, I'm looking very forward to hearing more.

    • Meghan_star

      Thank you so much! Im glad some one else connected with it!


      Thanks for sharing MEGHAN ~ most mothers try to control their daughters to save them from MEN ! Mothers are a bit more lenient with their Sons because we don't get pregnant. However my Mum did tell me to be careful and try not to make my Gf's with Child ! I haven't so far and I'm 33 and still single. You are a very beautiful Girl who could co-create a beautiful Daughter or a handsome Son. It grieves me to think such a beautiful scenario may never happen because you don't want to treat your (unborn) daughter like your Mum treats you. My advice would be please please give Life and Love a chance. Thinking of you ~ BRIAN

    • Cy

      I love the way this poem flows from one line to a next. You have a great writing tone. the questions within the poem also add a level to make readers think and ponder the lines of the poem. Great write

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