Doll in Wonderland

The Right Things

Falling, not unlike leaves, 

No, something heavier, weighted

Landing with a dull thud

Love usually hits me hard

Like a baseball bat, 

No, more like a semi truck

It isn't even love

This is a man,

A real man, a grown ass man, 

And here I am

Not even remotely excited. 

He says all the right things, 

He's got his life together

He makes me look disheveled

And when I kiss him, 

I feel nothing. 

I spend time, playing with my hair

Saying all the right things

Avoiding eye contact

All the while, 

Wishing I was kissing someone else's hurtful mouth

Oh, I miss those pouty lips

And I still see him

Getting out of the chair, 

With a look of determination, 

Coming to take me, 

Lying on my living room floor...


These are the thoughts I should not be having

While having dinner with a gentleman

Who doesn't cringe if I want a second drink

Who pays the bill without complaint

Who says anything you want, 

You lovely creature

And I believe him. 

So why don't I want him???





    MY PERFECT DOLL ! Love Angel is not rational ~ this is why you love the Man who uses and abuses you treats you like a limp cheap Rag Doll and not the perfect beautiful China Doll that you are and that always excites my imagination ~ my elusive Doll in Wonderland. I am a Gentleman in every sense of the word ~ BUT ~ while I was wining and dining you or making sweet sweet gentle love ~ you would be longing to be abused insulted raped and ravished by MISTER RUFF what chance do we SMOOTH GENTLEMEN have ? Love my ANGEL is never rational. Thanks for caring ~ Love as always BRIAN. Please check my latest poem COLOR IN AUTUMN ~ Thanks BRIAN X

  • Doll in Wonderland

    Thank you. 🙂 I'm trying hard to fix what's broken. 🙂

  • petec

    I've been that man across the table to a woman like you. I will tell you it hurts to love someone who is broken. All you can do is to continue to work on yourself, seek therapy, energy healing, hypnotherapy- whatever it takes. When you are your better self you will draw those good men to you and hopefully be able to live the right one for you.

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