EAT WELL ~ LIVE LONG ~ A Rhyming Sonnet

All wanna have youthful ~ hair nails an' skin

Don't wanna be Fat ~ the in word is Slim

Seven foods we should use ~ figure an' legs

Olive oil ~ red wine ~ Brazil nuts an' eggs

Beans an' tomatoes an' juicy red fruits

All prevent aging ~ Y'all look good in Boots 

Olive oil very smart ~ give you Healthy Heart !


Red wine keeps you Young ~ Brazil Nuts do too

Eggs rich in iron and protein for you

Beans they declare are so good for ya hair


Tomatoes have Lycopene ~ which can control 

Cholesterol levels ~ body an' soul

Raspberries ~ Blackberries ~ we all love those

The taste in your mouth ~ the scent up ya NOSE !


Thanks for savouring ~ comments welcome ~ Love y'all  BRIAN  XOX


Drink LO FAT MILK for skin like SILK ! 


This poem is a 7 3 4 Sonnet in iambic pentameter ~ OK



    HEALTHY EATING ~ Is a very important subject and the seven foods mentioned in the SONNET are essentially concerned with slowing down (you can't stop it) the ageing process. We all want to look younger (M & F) and live longer. We all need a balanced low calorie low fat diet and if we eat five (or more) portions of Fruit & Veg each day the we don't need expensive supplements. I teach Food Science and there is a lot of ignorance about Healthy Eating & Nutrition. WE ARE WHAT WE EAT so it is important to keep a general note (not a paranoid one !) of what we eat each week and why. Note it's ONE glass of red wine per day not a BOTTLE ! Health Eating = Healthy Life ~ Love BRIAN XOX

  • Jauntypoet93

    I really enjoyed reading this poem and explanation. I am not going to lie it takes me a while to understand other people poems. But the second time, I realized the simple and complex beauty in the words.


      Thanks JIMMIE much appreciated you being a Food Nut an'all ! A Sonnet has to have 14 lines and each line should have a similar number od syllables (mine all have 10). It does not have to rhyme but I have used aminly Rhyming Couplets to make it flow ! Thanks for being my Friend ~ BRIAN

    • Tony36

      Really enjoyed it great write

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        Thanks TONY ~ A healthy mind ina healthy body and a Holy Spirit ! BRIAN

        • Tony36

          Couldn't agree more

        • Augustus

          Right on. Looks like you had fun with this one.

          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            Thanks "A" all poems are a challenge ~ but SCIENTIFIC ones even more so ! BRIAN

          • Jeff

            This is great writing ...excellent work

            • BRIAN & ANGELA

              THANKS JEFF ~ Pleased you liked it ~ BRIAN

            • rebekahmoses

              Wow I really love this poem good job

              • BRIAN & ANGELA

                Thanks REBEKAH ~ pleased you liked it ! Please check mylatest poem ~ Thanks BRIAN

              • ses

                Loved the sonnet , and the explanation , great twist on educating !

                • BRIAN & ANGELA

                  Thanks SES we do use poetry to teach Science and Nutrition ~ it is something the students can learn and remember ! Yours BRIAN Please check my latest poem ~ Thanks B

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