VITAMIN A ~ is good for your eyes

VITAMIN B ~ will strengthen your heart

VITAMIN C ~ is great for your skin

VITAMIN D ~ keeps all your bones in the right part !


We all need CALCIUM to make our bones grow

IRON to synthesise haem in our blood 

PROTEIN provides amino acids you know

EGGS  are the balanced protein based food !


But we all need CARBOHYDRATES 

SUGAR and starch to keep us all fit

CALORIES give energy ~ movement and grace

Walking living and loving we burn off all if it !


But were would our diets be without FATTY ACIDS

Saturates ~ unsaturates ~ omega-threee

For me the fats are all about flavor

Jacket Potato sans butter is no good to me  !


FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD !  Please check my latest FUSION

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE FOOD & WHY ?  Thanks for visiting

~ Please comment ~ Thanks ~ Love to all ~ BRIAN ~ XOXOX


  • Augustus

    Food for thought. Clever, as usual. Thanks.


      THANKS "A" for an encouraging comment ~ lease add a STANZA to my latest FUSION ~ "WHAT'S YOU FAVORITE FOOD &WHY ? ~ Yours BRIAN

    • Christina8

      As a nurse and a poet I'd say you covered your ground quite well here! Fantastic job! Hugs!

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        THANKS CHRISSY ~ Most nurses I know are ANGELS and good NUTRITIONISTS ~ so I always take their advice ! Yours ~ BRIAN ~ HUGS

        • Christina8

          Well, you got the ANGEL part right! LOL

        • taylerdk21

          Wow. I loved it, informative and clever, like your poems always are!

          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            Thanks for youy very positive comment ! As a poet like to inform and entertain ~ Yours BRIAN

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