She is cold to the touch,

frozen in disgust,

at what they seem to have become.

They move like automatons

stuck with auto-pilot on.

She remembers when he thought she was the one.

But now, he won't meet her eye,

his touch becomes too shy,

and she worries that it's all about to end.

Have they really come so far

just to end up back at the start,

having to learn each other all over again?

Time isn't on her side,

but she knows she has to fight

if she wants to hold on to what she has.

So she breathes deep, stands tall,

won't let this be their downfall,

and tries to carve them out a whole new path.

She makes him speak his words

all the problems they've deferred,

and she cries but she keeps an open ear.

And when they've said all that they've hidden,

they agree that secrets are forbidden,

And in the end, they don't let love disappear.






  • Tony36

    Great write

    • JustABird

      Thank you very much.

      • Tony36


      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        It happend JAB when couples are out of synch ! I've never been marries and my relationship with my current GF is always on a high when we are together (we live separate !) BUT if we got married we might (unitentionally) put the fire out ~ it happens ! Thanks fro caring & sharing ~ YOURS ~ BRIAN

        • JustABird

          I've been married for twelve years so I know the dangers intimately but we've over come so much together too. Thank you as always for taking the time to send such a lovely comment. 🙂

        • Augustus

          Conversation is an important part of love making. Nicely done.

          • JustABird

            It really is. Thank you!

          • 🐤s.zaynab.kamoonpuri🌷😸

            Expresses how relationships can become robotic. Creatively crafted muse here. Rekindling cold love requires effort. But such situations usually happen to those who fornicated and had a very hot love affair before marriage from the cases I have observed.
            The desire to keep and revive love is a common human one. So kudos for this poetry, enjoyed how it rhymes in places.

            Pls do comment my latest poem too. I'm quite a new poet here but have been writing poetry since years and readers enjoyed it elsewhere or got sth from it until I found this site and wish to make new poem pals.

            • JustABird

              Thank you so much. I wouldn't know about hot love affairs before marriage, but I suppose you could be right. And I'll definitely look at your poems as soon as I get the chance. Welcome to the site!

            • Garry

              Beautiful, and uplifting. There is usually light to found in all the dark patches. Ive been married nearly 30 years and travelled a few tunnels. Great write about how we can make things work out if we want to.
              Enjoyed it a lot. Enjoyed all your poems actually, genuinely impressed. Mine all tend to be a bit bleak, i must try harder!

              • JustABird

                Actually, I am so in awe of your bleak works. You're really good at painting a picture and conveying those dark feelings. It means a lot that anything I've done would be impressive to you. Thank you.

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