Only in my dreams

It was perfect, the kind of love you felt course through your veins. It awakes the parts of yourself long thought dead. He would caress my cheek with so much love, I'd smile to myself. Thinking yes; this is why i breath because he will take his hands and run them down my back as if they could take the ache away. Wipe my tears with his thumbs as he laughs and tells me how, he doesn't understand how someone so sad can be so beautiful. He would promise to help fight all the demons a life of broken promises installed in me. On nights when my chest would cave in, when breathing hurts, when my eyes were bloodshot and i couldn't see past the blurryness of my tears. He'd hold me, take my punches awful words I'd say. All because he knows what my own mind does to me, he'd keep me safe. He'd keep me warm, i was never cold. Then when he would lean in to kiss me he whispered in my ear "Only in your dreams" So here i am waking up alone, getting ready to go to school, watching him walk around with his friends , smile like its the only thing he knows. And I'd look at him like he could be my hope, my salvation. Someone to fight the all day depression and 3am suicidal thoughts. But he will never be, he will never caress my cheek, he will never hold me. I will always be alone. "Only in my dreams" i whisper with tears running down my face. I want to sleep forever because I'm so cold, so cold.



    WELCOME BROKEN WORDS ~ Thanks you for sharing a beautiful "Prose Poem" with us ~ but with such a sad content. This is the right site for such a poem because we are all empathetic. I trust you found sharing it CATHARTIC ~ it struck a chord with me. We all face sadness in our lives which is why (for all of us) we face release in DREAM TIME. This is why we have soothing dreams. Thinking of you ~ Hope you found my comment reassuring ! Yours BRIAN

  • Jason Vancelette (AKA Pharaoh33)

    I can tell you are hurting over this still...and writing is a great way to get it out...I feel for you, as I have been there a million times or some of my writing if you like..and you ..KEEP writing...get it all out there one at a can post every wishes

  • Tony36

    Awesome write, I can feel the emotion

  • Christina8

    Welcome to MPS! You are doing a great job. Just let the words flow. Most of us have sad poems or at least can relate to this. You can write here everyday. Thanks so much for sharing! Christina

  • brokenwords

    Thank you for your kind words, i didn't think anyone would even see it but now i think i will continue writing.

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