An Ode To The Smile I Sent, But Never Received

Today I made eye contact with you, at your work, you ignored me...

And at that moment I realized you were finally gone.

Not gone like dead or anything. But gone, out of my life.

And it hurts, boy it hurts like hell.

I want to say that I'm okay with it, and I'll forget about you and forgive you for leaving me. But no, at this present moment I can't say that.

Though I can't say I'm mad about what happened either, mad at myself sure, never at you though. Upset at how you just up and fucking left me, or course.

A few things before you go for good:
1. I love you god damnit.
2. I miss you, I have ever since this started and I always will.
3. Thanks for the memories (yes fall out boy reference because I know you like them)
4. I fucking love you. Thank you. I miss you.
5. I guess this meant more to me than it did you.
6. I'm sorry I fucked up...

7. Goodbye, I love you.



    WOW KITTY ~ There is so much ~ anger ~ pain ~ sadness in this poem That I don't know where to begin to comment ! BUT ~ I am old enough (33 & single) to empahise with you. In my experience a breakup is always harder for one of the parties (M or F) than the other. The seven points you make (especially 4 & 5) do ring bells and I have both said them and had them said to me. I have always gained something positive from my "failed" relationships in the past 17 years and I hope you will too ! Thinking of you ~ HUGS BRIAN.

    • KittyCatPWY

      Well this isn't even about a romantic break up honestly. My friend hasn't talked to me in a while, and I tried but I never got anything back. From that comes the name, the smile I sent but never received.

    • Tony36

      Awesome Awesome write

      • KittyCatPWY

        Thank you! :)

        • Tony36


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