K.T Williams

When I imagined my future
What my life would be like
Who I would be
And who would be apart of it
I never imagine it to be as it is
Of course I knew it would be different
But I never thought it could be like this
I imagined myself happy
I thought I would know what I want to do in life
I thought I would sure of myself
And that I would have someone beside me
But that is not how it is
It's quite the opposite
I'm not really sure how I got here
I wasn't even aware I was heading in this direction
I'm not really sure of myself
I'm not confident in me or my future
Or who I am or will be
I'm not sure about anything

  • Author: K.T. Williams (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: December 10th, 2016 22:55
  • Category: Unclassified
  • Views: 28
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  • Voicesecho88

    The time to find your passion. What makes you happy to do for yourself. A time of discovery. Keep it up.


    Honey are we ever? No, this is good for a try and write about what you DO become sure helps to write about your own adventures...gets you acquainted with your writing and helps you have the confidence to share with others...This site is great...Never hold bak when you write...people don't want to read candy coated poetry...they want to relate to it, so when you are real and don't hold back, it helps. They want to be wowed deep down, even if they say they don't....make it about you, then others....take care and best wishes


    THANKS FOR SHARING KNICLOE ~ I found it retrospective in my case. Fourteen yars ago when i was 19 I felt much as you do. A Boat without a Rudder ~ A Sheep without a Shepherd lacking in direction and confidence. From my experience it does get better ! A Vocation ~ a Partner ~ A Flat etc. Every blessing for your future ~ Your Friend BRIAN

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