Wheels Up


I imagine you waiting,

For the word to board,

Your flight back there,

On your path forward.


Thought out plans,

Ducks lined up, efficient.

I wish you success,

To be self-sufficient.


I know no matter what,

You will succeed.

You are my Son,

Like me, indeed.


Of course, you’ve got traits,

From your Dad.

He’s the Good Cop,

Me, the Bad.


Kept you in line,

But, an easy job.

Not much need to punish.

As a result, few sobs.


When I sit and think,

How far you’ve traveled.

So much more focused,

Me, sometimes unraveled.


So, you sit and wait,

For your plane, wheels up,

Still my Little Boy,

My emotions well up.


My job is done,

You turned out fine.

Still, a bittersweet moment,

Happy, sad, the same time.


So, until the next time,

We're together in the sun,

A special connection,

Between Mother and Son.

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  • Michael Edwards

    Okay so I'm a bloke but it could apply and I have two sons and 5 grandsons who I love dearly so I can resonate with this.

    • WriteBeLight

      Yes. This applies to all parents! I am so happy for you with your wonderful family! Five grandsons!! That is amazing. Thanks so much for the great comment. I am glad you could relate. I really appreciate you telling me that...:)

    • Tony36

      Love it awesome write

      • WriteBeLight

        Thanks so much for that comment Tony! I appreciate it!

        • Tony36


        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          THANKS HONEY ~ for a very uplifting and beautiful poem as we enter 2017 ! We all have loved ones and Family who we are separated from. The poem reminds me to pray each day for all of them ~ that they will be kept safe. Especially for those in the Military or Zones of Danger. Thanks for caring and sharing ~ Hugs BRIAN.

          • WriteBeLight

            Thanks Dear Brian. I do think of the Moms, Dads, Children and all family members living in such dangerous places. I am fortunate and grateful that my family does not. Again, thanks for your kind input. Hugs to you too!

          • Christina8

            Oh, your poem made me a little teary as I have a teenage son, knowing thats what I'll have to look forward to someday. But thats what makes you such a good mom is that he grew wings and became successful. Great poem! Christina

            • WriteBeLight

              So sweet of your Christina! I remember when he was a teenager. He is a super young man. I am sure your Son reflects the kindness you have in your heart. There is something really special between Moms and their Sons. But, they keep growing and changing, and that is just the way it is supposed to be. Thanks so much!! Happy New Year!

              • Christina8

                Happy New Year to you WBL!

              • Augustus

                Little birds leave the nest. Warm, touching.

                • WriteBeLight

                  Great thought. Thanks for the comments. I was thinking that kids change into different people as they grow, and as they grow older, become great friends as well as your children. This is how it is with mine. I am fortunate! Thanks again, Augustus!

                • P.H.Rose

                  This is so good WBL
                  I have a son and two
                  Daughters and have been
                  Stood there as they have left
                  I cried as a baby, my wife
                  Was the keep it together one
                  I mean they were only going
                  For two weeks....just kidding
                  It is the hardest thing a parent
                  Can do is let go when they go
                  Two went to university and one
                  Has her own family of whom
                  I have 3 beautiful grand children
                  But we are a loving family and
                  They are always coming back.
                  I really love this poem...
                  Well done....

                  • WriteBeLight

                    I am so glad that you can relate to this tough part of being a parent. It is beautiful, happy, sad, and all of the emotions. In the end, it is the toughest job we will ever have. Thanks so much for telling me your story!

                  • P.H.Rose

                    Oh lord I am such an idiot
                    I've just realised you are
                    A woman.... I thought you was
                    A man....in my defence I never
                    Read the bit we put about
                    Ourselves... please forgive
                    Me.... I am giving myself
                    A slap right now.....

                    • WriteBeLight

                      That is no problem at all. I did not have a need to correct you. I liked you calling me Mate and Sir. They are respectful words, of which I greatly appreciate! No need for a slap. Give yourself a hug from me...:)

                      • P.H.Rose

                        Ha ha... If you want I
                        Will carry on the
                        Mate and sir...
                        You and me will
                        Know what I mean
                        Ha ha ha

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                      • willyweed

                        I can really appreciate this write
                        you nailed it my dear WBL! ww

                        • WriteBeLight

                          Thanks so much WW. You are a dear one, yourself. I wrote this as my Son was waiting at the airport for his plane to leave. On the drive home, I had that pit in my stomach that pops up everytime he has to leave home. I felt so much better putting in writing. Thanks again for reading...:)

                          • willyweed

                            I'm leaving on a jet plane, played in my head as I read! sweet! ww

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